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  Product Portfolio "Perfection Till The End"
  We are specialised in 0.30 crts to 5.00 crts high quality diamonds in FL clarity to I3 clarity in all shapes like round, cushion, pear, marquies, oval, princess, emberelled etc.. with certification of IGI,GIA,and HRD..  
Round Shape
  Brilliant Round
A classic diamond to most people is a round gem of sparkling white brilliance with a kaleidoscope of dazzling facets. This shape has set the standard for all other diamond shapes and accounts for more than 75% of diamonds sold today.
Princess Shape
Princess is a brilliant square diamond with sharp, uncut corners and pavilion facets that are wide at the culet and narrowed towards the girdle. Princess is one of the most popular cuts in the United States after the brilliant round.
  Round Shape
Emerald diamond is a step-cut diamond having a row of elongated facets (usually 48 to 50) that resembles a stair case. The flat planes of the outside edges allow for a variety of side stone shapes, except for trillions that don’t blend well with emerald.
  Round Shape
This ultimate symbol of romance essentially shaped like a heart, is an ultimate gift for Valentine’s Day. A very flat diamond appears big, but lacks brilliance, while an overly deep diamond’s brilliance looks good but the diamond looks smaller than the ideal.
  Round Shape
It is similar to the round diamond in sparkle and brilliance. A perfectly symmetrical oval diamond is very popular as a centre diamond piece for engagement rings and among women with small hands or short fingers as they make fingers appear slender
  Round Shape
Pear shaped diamond is shaped almost like a sparkling tear drop. It compliments hands with small or average length fingers. Elongated pear diamonds are preferably used in earrings and necklaces, while smaller pear shaped diamonds are used in rings.
Round Shape
The Asscher cut is a variation of the Emerald cut except that it is square. It is characterized by a small table and large steps. Since it is cut in the same manner as the Emerald, one has to be very careful while selecting and paying for the right diamond.
Round Shape
A cushion cut is square or rectangular in shape with rounded corners and 58 brilliant facets that resemble a pillow shape, hence the name. Cushion cut diamonds are very popular in matching pairs.
Round Shape
Marquise is a boat-shaped modified round diamond with pointed ends. Its elongated shape makes fingers look long and slender. It is very essential to choose a diamond with perfect facet alignment to retain its brilliance. 
Round Shape
This square or rectangular shape diamond has 70 facets that maximize the effect of its color refraction. Avoid radiant diamonds which are less deep or too deep and ones that lack life.