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  History   "Progressive Ab-initio...........Continues Progress...."  
Once Sureshbhai Shah, the founder of Vaibhav Gems went to visit a diamond factory with his father during his studies. He met the owner of the factory & deeply influenced by the communication of the owner and his father. At that time he started wondering about establishing a diamond cutting and polishing factory. These thought was often coming in his mind.

After completing his studies, he came to Surat and started Diamond manufacturing unit of 'Small Diamonds'. After some time his nephews Mukeshbhai Shah and Pradipbhai Shah joined him with a new ideas and skills. With a view to selling a polished Diamonds Pradip joined him with a new ideas and skills. With a view to selling a polished Diamonds Pradipbhai moved to Mumbai to put out a step in global market.
With the good ability of manufacturing of Sureshbhai and Mukeshbhai and the very good skill of communicating customers of Pradipbhai Vaibhav Gems became an emerging company in the diamond world. They played an essential role in motivating the company to take on greater challenges, ensuring a bright future and immense respect from their counterparts.
With the span of time they started manufacturing a 'Solitaire Diamonds' with more efficient work and latest technology and of course with the help of highly skilled workforce and still they are manufacturing a high quality solitaire diamonds. at that time sureshbhai’s both the son Bhavinbhai Shah & Ritenbhai Shah joined them to lead the company at the height of the sky. And with this mission Bhavinbhai joined manufacturing dept. & Ritenbhai to marketing dept. with Pradipbhai.  
Sureshbhai's elder brother Mr. Jayantilal has always helped us at each and every step by giving right advice for successful path of business and we are still considering his advice.  
At present Mukeshbhai has taken all responsibilities of rough purchasing. Bhavinbhai is handling manufacturing department. Pradipbhai and Ritenbhai are handling a selling department in Mumbai. Together they are consolidating the business with the latest technology and highly productive workforce and developing a tremendous goodwill in the market.